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Avon Trout Fishery is located at Greendykeside Wind Farm, Longriggend, in the heart of the Lanarkshire countryside between Airdrie and Cumbernauld.


We now offer seperate fishing for both Bait and Fly fishing anglers we have 2 well stocked ponds the first pond being 1.2 Acres .


The Fly only specimen pond here this pond is well stocked on a regular basis with  Rainbow Trout, Blue Trout, Brown Trout, Golden Trout, Tiger Trout and  now also stocking Arctic Char

ranging from 1Lb to a massive 15Lb


The second pond we have here is the mill pond what cover's 1.1 acres this pond offer's  Bait fishing to anglers of all abilities. Here all fish caught on bait must be taken. This pond is Stocked daily throughout the busy times with hard fighting Rainbow and Blue Trout also with regular stocking's of Brown Trout ' Golden Trout 'Tiger Trout with fish ranging from 1.5Lb to a massive 12Lb.


Making this pond ideal  for bait fishing . Popular with local  bait anglers from around the area we regularly hold competitions and events throughout the year . Avon Trout Fishery is also available to hire for group bookings, simply contact us and we’ll be delighted  to arrange your individual needs . Avon Trout Fishery provides a perfect fishing location for fly and bait fishing anglers of all abilities, from beginner to the most experienced

of angler we hope to welcome you at the Fishery soon. 



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Bait Pond

Mill pond what cover's 1.1 acres this pond to anglers of all abilities.

Fly Pond

Visit our newly opened shop and be part of an exclusive experience. Find the perfect balance between casual and formal.

Childrens Fun Fishery

Avon Trout Fishery Fun Pool is a great place place for children and complete beginners. The small pool is full of rainbow trout ranging from 1lb - 2lb.

Fishery Rules and Opening Hours

Fly and Bait pond rules

On Premise Shop

A shop and shelter to take a break and pick up any fishing equipment you may need to make for the most successful experience

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